Three Easy Steps

To Achieve Optimum Soil Health

Step #1: Oxygen

Soil must have oxygen in order to “breathe”.  Poor nutrient uptake, excess fertilizer inputs, increased insect pressure, and poor quality can all be symptoms of compaction. Correcting the cause of these soil health issues begins with flocculating your soil and reducing compaction.

Step #2: Microbes

Once a deep aerobic zone is established, it is time to fill that home with microbes. Factor two in our ecosystem approach focuses on using these high growth microbes to increase nutrient availability and drive plant growth.

Step #3: Nutrition

Beneficial, high-growth soil microbes require carbon, amino acids, available calcium, and phosphorus to build strong cellular envelopes (skin) and proliferate. These core nutritional requirements must be available and/or applied throughout the growing season to maintain proper cellular development and resilient microbial communities.

Correct the Cause of Poor Soil Health

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Our Mission

Correcting the Cause Rather Than Reacting to Symptoms

Soil Works LLC is the manufacturer and innovator of agricultural products and services which are designed to address soil compaction, biological diversity, and plant nutrition. Our product line began with Genesis Soil Rite (GSR) Calcium which was specifically formulated to address what is often the #1 limiting factor to successful agricultural production, compaction.

Soil Works LLC utilizes a three-factor approach to implementing biological farming practices into conventional and organic production systems. We monitor and measure every step of the process with tools and superior customer service. Our products and programs can unlock your soil’s potential and make your Soil Work for the current and future generations of farmers and producers.


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