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What is Bio-5?

Bio-5 is a biological inoculant which has been scientifically designed to increase the diversity of your soil’s aerobic microorganisms. Bio-5 has over 30+ strains of aerobic microbes as compared to many “bugs in a jar” products on the market that have less than 10 strains.


More Diversity = Better Results

Soil microbial diversity is the key to soil health.  Rather than inoculating with a few strains of soil microbes, we choose to inoculate with a diverse assortment.  Why is diversity important? Because no soil type or field is the same.  As the soil environment changes due to moisture, pH, temperature, nutrients, etc., different communities of microbes activate with Bio-5.

The magic of Bio-5 is that the aerobic and diverse microbes are extracted immediately before application. When the extract is mixed with our various other nutritional amendments, the microbes begin to activate. As soil conditions change, different microbes will “wake up” or activate creating a layering of microbes in the soil or “food web”.

Rather than trying to manipulate nature, we are letting nature dictate which microbes survive and which don’t.  We supply a diverse inoculant and let nature take care of the rest.

Application of Bio-5

Start with Bio-5 Dry, a superior-quality non-manure compost blend.

Next, the extraction process. Simply fill the Bio-5 Extractor with Bio-5 Dry, water and start the extraction process.  Learn more about our Bio-5 Extractor.

Last, apply the extract to your field.


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