Darwin Koehn, Customer of Plant Foods Inc. In the fall of 2005, manure was spread @ 75 tons/acre to three fields that were going to be planted to sweet peas in the spring of 2006. The field with the worst production and water penetration history is where the Genesis Soil Rite Calcium (Dormant) was applied @ 99 grams/acre after fall tillage was performed. The fertilizer program that was applied in the spring was the same for all three fields. One of the fields that Genesis Dormant was not applied to we used liquid manure from a dairy lagoon.

Results: GSR (Dormant) application field: yield 15,000 lbs. of sweet peas per acre (a record yield for Senaca at the Buhl Id, plant). Two other fields: yields were approximately 10,000 lbs. sweet peas per acre.

Darwin Koehn Customer of Plant Foods