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Randy Delerio

Randy Delerio on Almond Trees We planted 354 acres in March of 2005. The soil type was basically a panoche loam soil that is great for nut trees. The salt content of the soil was somewhat high but in the north 10 acres of block 2 it was extremely high. It was much...

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Darwin Koehn

Darwin Koehn, Customer of Plant Foods Inc. In the fall of 2005, manure was spread @ 75 tons/acre to three fields that were going to be planted to sweet peas in the spring of 2006. The field with the worst production and water penetration history is where the Genesis...

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Dennis Lutz

Three years ago, we started applying Genesis Soil Rite Calcium (Dormant) and (Growing) to a pivot south of Twin Falls, ID. Prior to the application of GSR Calcium, the base saturation of the soil was: Calcium was 60% High Magnesium 30% High Sodium 6.8% High Potassium...

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