Correcting the Cause with


Soil Works manufactures and distributes a variety of products that correct the cause of poor soil health. Most of the products listed below are used in one or more of our programs.

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GSR Dormant Calcium

Our #1 product to correct the cause of compaction. GSR Dormant Calcium is used in a number of our programs.


GSR Growing Calcium

GSR Growing Calcium is the companion product to GSR Dormant Calcium.


Micronized Soft Rock Phosphate

MSR is our micronized phosphate product that allows for immediate water solvency.



PhosRite, or DA-Phos, is used in developing plants with a strong, healthy root system and high natural sugar content.



Bio-5 is a mix of five soil microbes (bacteria, fungi, actinomyces, protozoa, and nematodes) to feed your soil.

Tree & Vine

Tree and Vine is a scientifically formulated product high in phosphorus with trace amounts of potassium.



C-Plex is a diverse carbon source used to feed soil mirobes differing “food” sources.



Microburst is a blend of GSR Calcium and DA-Phos together in one product.