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Glen Rabenberg

Glen Rabenberg

Founder & Owner

Glen Rabenberg is the founder and owner of Soil Works LLC. Born and raised in Bancroft, SD, he graduated from Desmet High School in 1980.  He was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, General Agriculture and Agriculture Economics from South Dakota State University in 1985.  Glen then went to work for Walco International as an Animal Science Technical Advisor.  He spent most of the following years with Walco working with animal pharmaceuticals, veterinarians, and farmers.   Through his experience he began to notice trends in the animal science industry.  He saw that many of the diseases he was employed to treat were the result of nutritional deficiencies from poor grains and forage that the animals were consuming.

Rather than conforming to the traditional methods of soil science, Glen brings his knowledge of animal science and applies it to the soil.   Many of the same required nutritional ratios shared by humans, animals, and plants are reflected in the soil.   He believes that the soil is a living organism and that the health of the soil should be checked in the same manner that humans and animals are checked.   Glen heavily relies on the electrical conductivity of the soil to tell him the pulse of the soil.   He uses a soil respiration test to tell him how the soil is breathing.  And, he uses a penetrometer as a stress test and soil/plant tissue tests as the blood panel/work.   Glen has learned to use these simple tests to diagnose virtually every soil problem.   He has successfully solved numerous soil problems by treating the soil as a living breathing organism and correcting the cause instead of reacting to symptoms.

Glen continues to search for new ways to restore the soil and aid in the production of quality food.   He aims to “bring soil back to the way nature intended.”  He still maintains his third generation farm in Bancroft, SD and travels the world solving the world’s soil problems with a little bit of simplicity and the “rite” tools.

Meet the Team


Michelle Raabe

Marketing Director, Office Manager & Soil Health Advisor

If someone would have told me 13 years ago that I would be working in agriculture, I would have giggled out loud. Although I spent several summers at my uncle’s farm, all I really knew about the farm was the smell of fresh cut hay and chasing wild kittens in the corn field.

I was never completely certain about what I wanted to do for a career, but I did know that I wanted to be passionate about it. If you love what you do, it never feels like work.  I would say my love for organic food and sustainable agriculture is more of a way of life.  It’s so exciting to see like-minded people working together for a cause.  A real cause.

Perhaps my favorite thing about what I do is sharing the information.  Talking to people about what I do and seeing them truly listen and get excited. As the first original employee of Soil Works LLC, I have enjoyed watching the company grow and blossom. Building a team of solid, passionate people that truly care, makes it very rewarding.

When I am not traveling for work, I love to travel for pleasure. Most summers you can find me comfortably planted on the bleachers cheering my son on in baseball or on my deck with my dogs.

Chris Kniffen

Research & Development Specialist & Soil Health Advisor

Chris manages research and development for Soil Works LLC.  Along with his efforts in research and development, he is an advisor, educator, and author.

Multidimensional, Chris focuses his attention on developing the strengths of what or whomever he is working with.  His mission is producing high quality nutrient-dense food. Achieving quality nutrient-dense food begins with a solid foundation and a strengthening of the basics in plant and soil science.

Chris uses his unique perspective to describe how a plant interacts within the soil, plant, and atmosphere system. He then communicates these topics with straightforwardness and the grower in mind.  He introduces simple tools which can be used to validate and monitor progress along with a background in how to use them. Chris delivers the essential information needed to take your operation to the highest level of quality production by focusing on building and maintaining the proper soil environment required for nutrient dense high quality production.

Chris is living proof that nutrition can heal more than just the soil.  He is dedicated to promoting and advocating proper nutrition.  You will often find Chris spending his free time being active with his family and friends, outdoors cycling, golfing, running, or trying to keep up with his active family.  He also enjoys restoring historic homes and in the winter months he is usually swinging a hammer instead of a golf club.

Alice Miller

Analytics Specialist & Soil Health Advisor

My expertise at Soil Works lies in analyzing and interpreting soil tests. My intention is to help all of my growers maximize their fertilizer inputs and grow quality food. Soil quality and biological efficiency are my main priority for their farm. I have a considerable amount of “hands-on” experience with soil testing. This experience allows me a great understanding of how these numbers relate to the field.

Here at Soil Works we don’t get to do just one job, we do it all. I am involved with the whole process, from interpreting the information to bringing you your customized mix right to the farm!

In my spare time you might find me out riding or driving my horses on the backroads of Nebraska, working on my acreage, kayaking, or fishing. You may even find me and my husband, Ted, playing the music we write at a venue near you. To learn more about our music, hear some of our songs, and where we will be performing next, visit

Aaron Janda

Maintenance Engineer

Glenn Jensen

Application & Spraying Specialist

Blake Merritt

Lawn Care Specialist

Blake is manager and operator of Soil Works Lawn Care.


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