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GSR Growing Calcium

GSR Calcium in South Dakota

GSR Growing Calcium is the companion product to GSR Dormant Calcium.  While GSR Dormant Calcium is formulated for restructuring the physical soil environment, GSR Growing Calcium is formulated for the plant.

Due to the nature of soil testing methods currently available, many soil tests do not report on the availability of calcium in the soil.  High excess lime rates, high soil pH, and mineral imbalances can also interfere with the availability of calcium in the soil.  Your test may indicate you have stores of calcium in your soil, but the availability of the calcium for plant uptake is dependent upon many factors.  GSR Growing Calcium is formulated to be electrically attracted to a plant’s roots not the soil colloid.  By solubilizing the product in water, we can increase the availability of the product and feed the plant calcium when it needs it, where it needs it.

As with all our products, it is the FULL program which achieves results.  GSR Growing Calcium is designed to provide the plant available calcium during the growing season.  GSR Calcium is a dry, water-soluble product.  The high availability of the product allows the user to achieve results with minimal product.  Application rates are grams per acre, not tons.  However, without the proper soil structure microbial activity results will be limited.  Build the home with GSR Dormant Calcium and feed the plant your microbes with GSR Growing Calcium.  The team of GSR Calcium products is the cornerstone of the Soil Works program. Begin and end your season with GSR Calcium.

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