Correct the Cause With

Links & Affiliates


Yield Organic

Organic and non-GMO marketing


Windstone Buffalo Co.

Local buffalo producer

Hebda Family Produce

Local produce grower

6th Meridian Hop Farm

Local hops grower

National Aronia Council

Aronia berry associations

Ted and Alice Miller

Local musicians


We have distributors all across the U.S. and in other countries.  Please contact us for a distributor near you.

Educational Links & Resources

Patagonia Provisions

Video - “Regenerative Organics”

Patagonia Provisions

Video - “Unbroken Ground”

Dakota Rural Action

Local food directory

Acres USA

Organic magazine

Laboratories & Tools

Pike Agri-Tech Tools

EC probes and tools

Spectrum Technologies

EC probes, penetrometers, tools

Kelly Research Technologies

Radionic instruments


Soil microbiology testing

Midwest Laboratories

Soil testing lab

Dykstra Laboratories

Dr. Tom Dykstra, entomologist & ag consultant


Neptune's Harvest

Providers of organic fish by-product fertilizer

Schafer Fish

Organic plant nutrition

Leonardite Products

Leonardite based humates from North Dakota


Mycorrhizal products

Wholesome Sweeteners

Organic sugars, honeys, and treats