Randy Delerio on Almond Trees We planted 354 acres in March of 2005. The soil type was basically a panoche loam soil that is great for nut trees. The salt content of the soil was somewhat high but in the north 10 acres of block 2 it was extremely high. It was much higher in the area because it had not been farmed in approximately 20 years. We ordered our trees in late July of 2004 and because of this we did not receive the best trees. Most of the trees that we received were everyone else’s leftovers. On of the neighboring growers ordered in advance and ninety nine percent were 3/4 inch trees because that was what he ordered. We on the other hand received 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch and some 5/8 inch trees. Needless to say it was quite a struggle because of the wet spring and the poor selection of trees received.

Throughout the summer of 2005 we applied Pro Germ (9-24-3) at 2 1/2 gallons per acre once a month or every two weeks through our drip irrigation. In the fall of 2005 (November 15th) we applied Genesis fall product at the rate of 98 grams per acre. We applied 38 grams per acre of Genesis spring product starting at the end of January with 2 1/2 gallons of Pro Germ (9-24-3) approximately every month for three months.

We have had five of our growers in the immediate asking us what we have done to the trees because they can’t believe the vigor and growth that we have received. The grower that is adjacent to us that planted all 3/4 inch trees can’t believe that our trees have caught up to his already. The tree vigor, trunk diameter and overall growth of the trees are fantastic. We are totally pleased and absolutely believe in the products that we have used because we have seen with our own eyes the results that we have to this point. We will harvest our first crop next year and will have numerous growers in our area to compare with. Stay tuned.

-Randy Delerio Inc.